Jackson National Life Insurance

Life could be less complicated when you plan your strategies as early as you can. And while most retirement insurance companies settle for a fixed or set approach to retirement, only one name goes beyond life insurance to offer annuities to go beyond retirement. Jackson National Life Insurance has developed life insurance and annuities products designed to meet discerning clients’ needs.

Jackson Variable Annuities

Is a Jackson National annuities product that aims to provide a customized retirement plan. You have the option to choose from an equity, fixed-income or a blended investment type of annuity all providing the highest Jackson annuities rating. Variable annuities allow clients to choose from more than 35 possible investment options as well as the best selection of investments recommended by experts.

Variable annuity from Jackson Life Insurance lets you choose he guarantees that you need; whether you are looking for retirement income that you will outlive, return of your premiums after a certain number of years or a lock in your market gains, you can be sure that Jackson Life annuities got you covered.

Fixed Index Annuities

Enjoy a secure interest rate as well as the possibility of earning additional interest with Jackson Life Insurance fixed index annuities. You will also be able to choose from a wide range of options when it comes to retirement income to meet your needs plus total security for your beneficiaries with Jackson’s death benefit protection in the event of your death before you receive your payments.

There are several varieties of fixed index annuity each one different from the other when it comes to possible index options (S&P 500 Index, Jackson’s Multi-Strategy Index or a combination of the two). You will also be able to choose from how interest is measured and when it will be credited to you, convenient when you are looking for a versatile way to get paid and enjoy your payments. And of course, each fixed index annuity product differs from rules that apply to early withdrawal of your payments.

Fixed Annuities

Do you want to enjoy your retirement income without having to deal with the ups and downs of the stock market? Then Jackson National Life Insurance fixed annuities may be the best choice for you. With this annuities product, you get to enjoy a more flexible interest rate, a comfortable selection of income options that lets you enjoy your dream retirement and of course coverage of Jackson’s Life Insurance Death Benefit Protection in the event of your death before you could even get your payments. Jackson has several deferred fixed annuities to choose from; each one is different from another and when it comes to features, each one has rules about early withdrawal, additional interest rates and a selection of liquidity options which are designed to provide the most advantage to your investment.

Read Jackson Life Insurance reviews to learn which annuities product is the best one for your particular lifestyle and the retirement plans that you personally have.